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Rockets players react to Houston Astros’ World Series title


The Houston Astros made history on Wednesday night as they won their first-ever World Series title in franchise history. Even with the Los Angeles Dodgers having the momentum heading into Game 7, the AL West team took control of the game early on, and eventually won 5-1.

Their win caught the attention of a lot of sports fans, including former and current Houston Rockets players, and even the team’s owner, Tilman Fertitta, who all took to their Twitter accounts to let the Astros know how proud they are of them. It also gives them a sense of pride, especially because they represent the same city.

The Rockets are looking to follow the lead of the Astros, and also win it all this season. They are off to a good start and are currently ranked second in the Western Conference with a 6-3 record. What’s even more impressive is they have found a way to continue winning even with Chris Paul out with a knee injury.

With the Astros capturing their first World Series, it could inspire the Rockets to make their city the kings of two of the biggest professional sports leagues in North America.

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