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Rockets’ P.J. Tucker says Carmelo Anthony will ‘fit right in on our team’

P.J. Tucker, Carmelo Anthony, Rockets

Carmelo Anthony is one of the highest profile signings of the offseason, and how he will fit with the Houston Rockets is on everyone’s mind. But one of his new teammates, P.J. Tucker, thinks Melo will fit right in.

Tucker specifically mentioned Anthony’s ability to score the basketball. According to Alykhan Bijani of The Athletic, Tucker had this to say:

“Everybody always talks about Melo this, Melo that. Melo is a great basketball player. He’s an all time great scorer in this league. Coming to a team where we score a lot, he’ll fit right in on our team.”

The Rockets love to space the floor and shoot 3s. This is right in Melo’s wheelhouse, so it should be easy for him to fit in on the offensive end. How he performs defensively is a whole different story.

Additionally, Melo will need to jell with his new teammates, but Tucker thinks one player, in particular, will make the transition easy. According to Bijani, Tucker said:

“It’s easy to play for Chris Paul, it’s not hard. I do not know anyone who said they could not play with Chris Paul. I think Melo will fall right in. He literally comes out of timeouts and tells you where to go. And it works every time.”

Chris Paul is one of the best point guards in the league and a good friend of Melo, and there’s no doubt CP3 will figure out a way to keep Melo involved on offense. Mike D’Antoni shouldn’t be worried about how to integrate Melo into the offense. The other end of the floor is where Melo may have a problem fitting in.

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