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Rockets news: Trevor Ariza compares Chris Paul to a pitbull

Chris Paul pitbull, Trevor Ariza

If you were to compare Chris Paul to anything, it’s got to be something tough as nails. So when Paul’s Houston Rockets teammate Trevor Ariza was asked to describe him, he thought of an animal that won’t back down.

“I would describe him as a pit bull who is locked on and the jaw will not unlock,” Ariza said, according to ESPN’s Tim MacMahon. “He’s maybe not as quick to bark at people as much. I think he’s learned over time that you can deal with people in different ways, and that’s what he’s done, but it still hasn’t taken away from the fact that he’s like a real-live killer on the court.”

The Rockets acquired the fiery point guard from the L.A. Clippers last summer in an attempt to narrow the gap between them and the defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors. It has paid off dividends for them so far with the Rockets going on a 14-game winning streak at one point during the season.

His leadership and passion for the game coupled with his God-given talents have turned Paul into one of the best players in the game.

That passion is Paul’s competitive fire that refuses to allow anyone upstage him. As noted by MacMahon, “Paul describes himself as hating to lose more than he loves to win. He demands the same kind of determination and commitment to the game from his teammates, sometimes in a style similar to a drill sergeant, which hasn’t always been well received despite Paul’s pure intentions.”

Still, the Hall-of-Fame-bound guard has found success everywhere he has gone with his leadership style. From the New Orleans Hornets to the Clippers and now, the Rockets, Paul has proven himself a winner because he hates losing more than anyone else on the team.

Just ask Ariza.

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