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Rockets news: P.J. Tucker’s shoe game was off the charts with rare Jordans in Game 2

P.J. Tucker, Rockets

For most guys who collect sneakers, especially star,s they like to find the most expensive shoes and then display them in their house. That being said, very rarely do they wear them, especially to a basketball game. Houston Rockets talent P.J. Tucker is apparently different.

For Tucker, who is a sneaker head, not only does he have some pretty impressive shoes, he isn’t afraid to wear his most expensive pair in game.

In Game 2 of the Houston Rockets series against the Utah Jazz, Tucker showed off his Oregon Air Jordan 5’s. A pair of shoes that are very hard to find, and if you can find a pair, it’s going to cost a lot.

According to UProxx, it’s hard to find these shoes anywhere on the internet:

“For context, you can’t even find these on sites that specialize in rare Jordans, as Flight Club, StockX, and others don’t even have any in stock. Over on Rare Pair New York they still have the page up for the “Duckmans” even though they too are sold out, and the price tag on them is an absurd $13,500.”

The Duckman 5’s get their name because on the back of the shoe it features the Oregon Duck in the Jumpman pose. For Tucker, it’s really not a surprise that he found a way to get his hand on these shoes. He has always been known around the league as a guy who has some of the best and rarest shoes out there. He was once asked by Michael Jordan how he got his hands on a pair of shoes that not even His Airness got.

To bad for the Rockets and Tucker the Duckman 5’s couldn’t help deliver a win in Game 2, and they now head back to Houston with the series tied up at one.

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