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Rockets news: James Harden shooting 45 percent on stepback threes

James Harden

Of all of the incredible feats James Harden has been pulling off this season, this one is right up there with some of the best.

The Houston Rockets shooting guard as grown into the ultimate isolation weapon of the modern era, combining deadly handles with elite athleticism, finishing skills and playmaking skills. Throw in the fact that his 3-point shooting — even when contested — is among the best in the NBA and there’s nothing most defenses can do about Harden.

One stat really shows off just how crazy Harden has been this season. As uncovered by Reddit user u/MuddyWaterrs, Harden is making 45 percent of his stepback threes this season. That’s not a typo and possibly the most unfair aspect of Harden’s game this season.

He’s hit 70 out of 156 stepback three attempts and the 45 percent clip is nine points better than his overall 3-point shooting percentage.

The marriage under Mike D’Antoni’s system has been as perfect as any imagined. Last year Harden ran the point completely and now with Chris Paul as a teammate, Harden has only gotten better.

On the season, Harden is averaging 30.9 points and 8.6 assists. The MVP is a virtual certainty for him now as the Rockets are also tops in the Western Conference. What a season he is having.

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