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Rockets news: James Harden donates $1 million to Houston

james harden

It has been a flurry of support in wake of Hurricane Harvey rocking Houston and neighboring areas over last weekend.

This now includes Houston Rockets star guard James Harden reportedly donating $1 million to help the rebuilding effort, according to ESPN.

Rockets point guard James Harden says he will donate $1 million to the city of Houston to aid in Hurricane Harvey recovery.

Harden is the latest professional athlete from Houston to send financial help to process. His teammate Chris Paul has also donated $50,000 to the fundraiser that Houston Texans star defensive end J.J. Watt started that has now accumulated more than $15 million.

Rockets owner Leslie Alexander has recently upped his donation contributions from $4 million to $10 million while Texans owner Robert McNair is giving $1 million, and Houston Astros owner Jim Crane is pledging to donate $4 million.

There are many other athletes and organizations that have donated large amounts toward helping the rebuilding cause. Thousands have been affected by the natural disaster with either their homes being destroyed or severely damaged. There are even those that lost their lives in the process.

This is likely to lead to many more to help out with bringing Houston and the nearby areas back up after this difficult situation.

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