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Rockets news: ESPN considers Houston as biggest threat to Warriors

Rockets and Warriors

According to an article by to earlier this morning, the Houston Rockets (12-4) are considered the most likely threat to knock out the defending champion Golden State Warriors in the 2018 playoffs.

By a pretty sizeable margin amongst the ESPN Forecast panel experts, the Rockets racked up a whopping 57.9 percent of the votes when asked who the biggest threat is to the Warriors this season. In a distant second and third place, the Cleveland Cavaliers (15.8 percent) and the white-hot Boston Celtics (13.2 percent) were the obvious representatives of the Eastern Conference in this season’s 2018 NBA Finals.

We are already exactly one month into the 2017-18 NBA season and there has already been plenty to be excited about amongst fans worldwide.

The group of polls also boasts that Harden is the favorite to win the NBA Most Valuable Player award this season, with experts claiming that the guard took up 36.8 percent of the vote compared to other superstars such as the Milwaukee Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo (23.7 percent) and the Cavs’ LeBron James (18.4 percent).

Harden leads the NBA in scoring at 31.8 points per game and assists at 10.1 per game, while center Clint Capela is first in the league in field goal percentage at 68.4 percent, more than 3 percentage points higher than second place Steven Adams of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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