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Rockets news: Eric Gordon hits 11 3-pointers to keep a kid from winning $1,000

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Aside from being a terrific knockdown shooter and the reigning Sixth Man of the Year, what else do you really know about Houston Rockets shooting guard Eric Gordon? If that’s basically it, you can now add “a greedy jerk who doesn’t like kids” on the list.

Gordon was seen in an Instagram video participating in a 3-point shootout, and if he made 11 triples, a kid would not win $1,000.

Obviously, hitting 11 uncontested threes is pretty easy pickings for Eric Gordon, who’s competed in the NBA All-Star 3-point Shootout, and hit 246 threes at a 37 percent clip last season. However, one would figure he’d do the generous thing and throw the game in order for the kid to get that grand.

But no. Despite missing a handful in a row later on, Gordon took it way too seriously and eventually made the 11th shot he needed at the death to deprive the kid of his money.

Why did Gordon do this? Is he genetically predisposed to try and win any shooting-related contest? Is he trying to hit as many shots as he can before Chris Paul takes away his shots and playing time?

Whatever the reason may be, it doesn’t take away the fact that NBA multimillionaire Eric Gordon just gathered every ounce of his basketball gifts to deny a kid $1,000 right at the buzzer.

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