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Rockets news: Daryl Morey involved in production of a musical about basketball

Daryl Morey

Aside from being the Houston Rockets’ general manager, Daryl Morey is also known for being one of the proponents of using sabermetrics or advanced analytics in basketball. His decision to run an NBA team by largely using numbers used to be greeted with snide remarks from purists and traditionalists of the sport, but it appears that meshing math with basketball isn’t the only endeavor that’s occupying Morey.

It’s not popular knowledge that Daryl Morey is also spending time producing a musical comedy play and had also helped out in the process of finalizing the scoring that’ll be used on it.

Per Scott Cacciola of The New York Times:

Last year, during a brief hiatus from his day job scrutinizing jab steps and jump shots, Morey was able to partake in another interest — by sizing up love ballads submitted by composers who were vying to work on a musical comedy that he is producing.

Titled “Small Ball”, the Morey-produced play is scheduled to be shown in Houston for six weeks. Written by playwright Mickle Maher, the narrative is still somehow related to Morey’s day job.

The story that Maher wrote tells of a newly discovered island nation that decides to join the modern world by fielding a team for an international basketball league. The country — Lilliput, from “Gulliver’s Travels,” which, lo and behold, exists in Maher’s fantasyland — proceeds to sink its entire treasury into building a court and signing Michael Jordan, a journeyman point guard who just happens to have the same name as the iconic star. But that is all they share.

In case Daryl Morey needs more actors for the play, the Rockets’ Chris Paul and James Harden are viable options. He doesn’t need them to pass through auditions for sure. Their on-court theatrics to sell foul calls to officials would be enough.

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