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Rockets news: Chris Paul, Isaiah Thomas, Enes Kanter give heartfelt thoughts for Santa Fe victims

Enes Kanter, Isaiah Thomas, Chris Paul

NBA stars gave their heartfelt condolences after yet another shooting took place at Santa Fe High School in the southeastern city of Santa Fe, Texas this morning.

Gun shots were fired shortly after the start of classes at 7:30 a.m. C.T., causing 10 deaths to this moment, according to CNN.

Houston Rockets point guard Chris Paul, who is recovering from a minor injury of his own, said this Western Conference Finals series against the Golden State Warriors is rather minor compared to the large scale impact of this tragedy.

“First and foremost, aside from the playoffs going on, which is minor compared to what is taking place down in Santa Fe,” Paul said, according to Jonathan Feigen of The Houston Chronicle. “Our prayers going out to the victims and the families having to deal with that situation. We have a lot of fan support there.  Those people come out and support us night in, night out. This is minor compared to what those people are dealing with.”

Paul, who is also a parent, noted the level of concern of what has become a constant in the United States — this being the 22nd U.S. school shooting since the beginning of the year (138 days).

“It’s tough, man,” Paul said. “It’s scary that’s becoming a norm here. We got to do something about it. Yeah, I can’t imagine something like that taking place with my kids.”

Los Angeles Lakers point guard Isaiah Thomas also gave his thoughts on the matter.

New York Knicks center Enes Kanter gave perhaps the one statement that read the pulse of the nation better than any other, putting things in perspective.

“Every high school student in America should be celebrating either graduating or being so close to summer. At least 8 Texas kids were robbed of that of that pleasure today,” said Kanter in a tweet this morning. “I’m not saying what we should do, but when is anything ever going to be enough to start doing something?”

Today’s incident in Santa Fe marks the third time in eight days in which a gunman has been found on a U.S. campus, a ratio more prominent than the average 3-point shooting clip for an NBA team.

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