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Rockets news: Chris Paul and James Harden ranked as No. 1 backcourt tandem by Bleacher Report

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Move over Splash Brothers, the Clutch Brothers are here to take over.

Despite not having played a single NBA game together, aside from a few pick-up games during the offseason, the newly-formed tandem of Chris Paul and James Harden are ranked as the top backcourt tandem by Bleacher Report.

Every franchise was ranked on its potential starting backcourt, with the coalition of the MVP runner-up and the multiple time assist leader ranking at the very top of the list, besting the duo of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, who are coming off a second championship in three years.

Paul and Harden came together at a mysterious time, as The Beard led the league in assists last season, setting him up to revert to his natural shooting guard slot while abandoning his “points guard” hybrid position under head coach Mike D’Antoni.

This move would allow Paul to take over the reins of the point guard position and find a myriad of shooters on the perimeter while Harden bulldozes his way to the basket and provides some of his usual isolation magic — also playing off each other for a dangerous one-two punch.

Unlike Curry and Thompson, who are elite shooters of their own kind — Paul and Harden are both gifted passers and scorers, giving the Houston Rockets a unique dynamic and the ability to keep a playmaker on the court at all times.

Even if this preseason gold medal is yet to be earned in full, the deadly combination of two premiere playmakers in one backcourt makes a scary proposition, challenging not only the Splash Brothers but other backcourts to match what’s bound to be a likely torrid production in Clutch City.

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