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Rockets’ Mike D’Antoni’s agent says an extension now isn’t being considered at all

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Houston Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni is not currently considering an extension with the team, according to his longtime agent Warren LeGarie.

LeGarie went on SiriusXM NBA Radio, detailing his client’s priorities heading into the final year of his contract.

Via Salman Ali of ESPN 975 Radio:

“It’s not even something we’re even considering right now. Obviously the dynamics of the team have changed… We’re just happy to go into the season and see how things play out.”

D’Antoni engaged in contractual talks soon after the Rockets season ended, but he was extended a $2.5 million annual base offer that could reach a total of $4.5 million with $500,000 for each round of the playoffs he could reach, starting with the second round.

While LeGarie claims he and his client were not insulted with the offer, D’Antoni didn’t take it, as it is a “prove it” offer that yields less than what a prime coaching candidate like Monty Williams got from the Phoenix Suns (reportedly $5 million per each of his five years).

Some speculated the Rockets offering this deal was a way of forcing him out, as any other coach  — not to say the winningest coach in team history — would have been irate by such a cheapskate prompt.

The Rockets engaged D’Antoni again in efforts to clean up the PR mess that came about with details of the negotiation leaking in the process, but it seems the two sides haven’t come to a rock-solid agreement.

D’Antoni has only this 2019-20 season left in his contract and a whole lot of uncertainty after adding Russell Westbrook to the mix and having to figure out another explosive backcourt dynamic along his star James Harden.

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