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Rockets’ Mike D’Antoni praises Scott Foster, not concerned about officiating in Game 2 vs. Warriors

Mike D'Antoni, Rockets

NBA referee Scott Foster will officiate in Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals between the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets. There are speculations that the Rockets are bound to get more frustrated with officiating, but Houston head coach Mike D’Antoni said otherwise.

It can be remembered that Rockets superstar James Harden lambasted Foster during a game in February, when he fouled out against the Los Angeles Lakers. The reigning NBA Most Valuable Player said that Foster has selective treatment on the Rockets, which made him said that the veteran referee should not work in Rockets game.

Harden was fined for his comments against Foster days after the game against the Lakers. Since the incident, Foster has not officiated a Rockets game but will have his turn again on Tuesday night. While his team has a history with the veteran official, coach D’Antoni is not too concerned heading into Game 2.

According to Nick Friedell of ESPN, D’Antoni declined to comment on officiating, and called Foster as one of the best officials in the NBA. The Rockets coach added that he is confident that their frustrations on officiating in Game 1 will not affect their performance on Tuesday night.

The Rockets, particularly Harden, voiced out their concern about how the referees officiated the series opener. Harden’s team took a heartbreaking 104-100 loss to the Warriors at the Oracle Arena, but the superstar guard felt that they were not given a fair chance on Sunday.

“I mean, I just want a fair chance, man,” Harden said via a video posted by the Rockets. “Call the game how it’s supposed to be called, and that’s it. And I’ll live with the results.”

While D’Antoni may not be concerned with the officiating, there’s no doubt that Rockets fans will be.

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