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Rockets’ James Harden tweet swearing loyalty to Houston resurfaces after Nets trade

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After some heavy drama, James Harden finally got his wish. On Wednesday, the Houston Rockets pulled the trigger on a four-team blockbuster deal that sent the superstar to the Brooklyn Nets.

Unfortunately for Harden, the internet never forgets. Some of the best detectives on the mean streets of Twitter dug up a three-year-old tweet from the former MVP himself wherein he declared that he was going to be a Rockets lifer. Needless to say, this particular tweet did not age well:

For a bit of context, Harden sent out this tweet during the 2017 offseason. The Rockets were coming off a disappointing second-round defeat to the San Antonio Spurs from the previous season and at that point, questions were already swirling as to whether or not a Harden-led Rockets side was actually capable of winning a championship.

For his part, Harden reassured the fan base that he was staying put, and to some extent, he lived up to his word. He would then go on to have a historic 2017-18 campaign, which deservedly earned him that season’s MVP award.

How times have changed.

After more years of failure, Harden finally called time on his stint with the Rockets. He wasn’t shy about it as well, as he literally forced his way out of the squad with his antics. True enough, Harden’s tactics worked, and Houston had no other choice but to send him packing.

It’s unlikely that Harden would even pay attention to the people currently thrashing him on social media for his decision, but he shouldn’t expect that them to slow down any time soon either.

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