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Rockets’ James Harden says he is ‘worried about how great we’re playing’

James Harden

The classic “peaking too early” argument will never go away. Basketball (like many sports) is a game of runs. That doesn’t just mean in individual games either. For the most part, teams will find themselves in hot-and-cold streaks throughout the season. James Harden is apparently worried about the Houston Rockets current hot-streak.

The Houston Rockets have one five games in a row and have looked great for quite some time now. A big part of this is the health and play of the backcourt duo of Chris Paul and James Harden.

In that quote, Harden talks about the team getting into rhythm at the moment – both offensively and defensively.

Harden also points out that the team has dealt with a lot of injuries this year. Everyone’s coming back though – and that’s leading to a solid rhythm.

Will they stay healthy though?

He also points out that they’ve had hot-streaks and cold-streaks at different points this season. With that in mind, will this hot streak stick? Or will it turn into a cold streak?

If it does turn into a cold streak, is it early enough that they can turn it around back into a hot streak? Or does it derail their season and become the reason they get bounced from the playoffs?

The Rockets currently sit in fifth place with a 38-25 record. They’re just one game out of third place and 3.5 games ahead of the eight spot.

Due to that an extended hot-streak, or a new cold-streak could change this season dramatically for Houston.

It’s good that James Harden is wary of the current hot-streak. If the Houston Rockets get too comfortable things could change for them in an instant.

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