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Rockets’ James Harden reacts to Clint Capela signing 5-year, $90 million contract

James Harden

One of James Harden’s crucial running mates is officially back with the Rockets. Clint Capela recently reached an agreement on a five-year, $90 million contract to return to Houston.

Harden heard the news shortly after it broke and reacted to move.

James Harden told reporters:

“Y’all just telling me. I didn’t even know. I gotta call him. I’m happy for him. This is an opportunity for him. Obviously, we love the game of basketball, but to be able to provide for your family for generations, that’s what we do it for. I’ve seen him work his butt off these last few years. He’s gotten better, he listens, he learns, and he just goes out there and competes. I’m happy for him.”

Of course, many NBA players love the game, but it’s still a business. Harden points out that he’s really happy for Capela to be able to sign a major contract and provide for his family. Obviously, Harden must be thrilled to have his defensive anchor back, but Harden keeps the focus all on Capela here.

The big man deserves the attention after improving by leaps and bounds the past few seasons.

Harden was then asked if he was worried about the situation. Harden seemed unbothered by the amount of time it took for the Rockets to reach a deal with Capela. Harden said:

“Nah, not at all.”

So while it may have taken longer than originally expected, the feeling around Houston is that Capela was always going to be back.

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