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Rockets’ James Harden more worried about winning than scoring streak

James Harden, Rockets

Houston Rockets star James Harden has now extended his streak of scoring 30 points to 30 games, with the end run of this feat in no sight for the prolific scorer.

The Beard put up 31 points against the Dallas Mavericks on Monday night to narrowly escape snapping his streak, playing through a sore shoulder. While the streak was potentially in peril, all Harden was worried about was getting the W:

“I was worried about winning,” Harden told reporters, according to Peter Thompson of Sporting News. “They were making shots. They were coming back, cut the lead to 10 or nine points, something like that.

“So I just wanted to get the proper shots. They put two on the ball and I got off it a few times and we got some good opportunities.”

Harden’s numbers weren’t the most efficient, as he shot 9-of-23 from the floor and had five turnovers in 36 minutes of play, but his 30-stack is as much of a sure bet as the moon landing having taken place.

The Rockets dynamo wouldn’t be stopped by shoulder soreness, and even less by “general soreness” after trotting out one impressive performance after another:

“If he comes to the arena, he’s playing,” said head coach Mike D’Antoni. “I can’t keep him out of practice, much less playing. He loves to play and he knows his body. He can go through this. He’s fine.”

Houston is in the thick of a battle for the fourth spot in the West, currently tied with the Portland Trail Blazers at 33-23, with the Blazers owning the best home record.

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