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Rockets forward Kenneth Faried felt disrespected by Nets

Kenneth Faried, Nets, Rockets

After just one game with his new team, Kenneth Faried is already enjoying the fresh start.

After the Houston Rockets fell to the Philadelphia 76ers 121-93, Kennet Faried opened up a little about his time with the Brooklyn Nets.

“It’s been crazy for me,” Faried told Sarah Todd of

“To be basically traded, go to Brooklyn, be told, ‘You’re going to play; we’re looking for you to come in now and help fill a spot,’ then be treated like I did. Then to come here and literally embraced quickly. [Houston] was like, ‘We want to play you for real, like this is no a joke; we’re playing you.’ It was like respect”

Faried furthered that his run with the Nets was one he considered disrespectful. He felt he never had a real chance to play with the team.

In fact, through the team’s 47 games where he was listed on the roster, he only ever saw action in 12 of those. Even then, he played sparingly and averaged 9.8 minutes per game, with most of that play coming in garbage time. This was the first time in his career he had logged single-digit minutes per contest.

With his new team, it is already apparent things will be a little different. The injury-depleted Rockets were in severe need of a big man to help with rebounding and scoring down low. Faried checked all those boxes for Houston. He played for 23 minutes in his first game with the team.

Faried should fit perfectly into the Rockets’ offense and will assuredly be a huge help to the team down the stretch of the season, as they seek to fill minutes prior to Clint Capela’s return from injury. Capela is set to be out for at least a few more weeks, so Faried will have plenty of time to make himself feel at home in Houston.

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