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Rockets fans flood Ayesha Curry’s restaurant with bad reviews on Yelp

Stephen Curry, Ayesha Curry

Ayesha Curry’s restaurant hasn’t even opened in Houston but it has already received bad reviews on Yelp.

As reported by ClutchPoints’ Tomer Azarly, people from Houston (most are Rockets fans), flocked to Yelp to review Curry’s grill-themed restaurant, International Smoke. The twist: the restaurant hasn’t even opened. So there’s definitely a question on the legitimacy and honesty of the reviews.

Below are some of the screenshots:

Only a few praised the restaurant for doing good research. A whole lot, however, turned the food review website into a Warriors-Rockets fiasco. Some are apparently still bitter that the Warriors came out the victor in the Western Conference Finals:

The restaurant is set to open on July 5. It is a partnership between Curry and renowned celebrity chef Michael Mina — and will take cues from their respective backgrounds and interests.

According to Eric Sandler of Culture Map Houston, Mina said that they chose Houston as the destination mainly because of the city’s diversity. For him, this trait goes hand-in-hand with the restaurant’s global theme:

Diversity. We knew targeted locations where we wanted to go, markets we wanted to be in. Definitely was the diversity of the people that live here, because that’s what this menu is all about. The concept of the restaurant is based off that. Obviously, knowing that it’s a market we wanted to be in. We have other restaurants in a lot of cities. With International Smoke, it’s been really fun to say, what cities do we want to go to?

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