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Rockets fan brings savage sign directed at Warriors’ skeleton crew


Perhaps no fan base was more overjoyed to see the Golden State Warriors dynasty come to an end than the Houston Rockets. After all, the Warriors had defeated the Rockets in the playoffs in three of the last four seasons, including a heartbreaking seven-game series in the 2017 Western Conference Finals.

But for some, the more demoralizing the losses are for the Warriors… the better.

One Rockets fan took a poke at Golden State’s laundry list of injuries prior to the start of Wednesday night’s game in Houston:

Of course, the Warriors watched Kevin Durant sign with the Brooklyn Nets in free agency shortly after Klay Thompson tore his ACL during the NBA Finals. Since then, things have only gotten tougher for Golden State.

Stephen Curry suffered a broken left hand and will miss at least the next three months. Kevon Looney played in the season opener, but he is set to miss the next two weeks as he deals with nerve-related issues. More recently, Draymond Green sustained ligament damage to his index finger, and D’Angelo Russell had a mild ankle sprain, though he expects to return on Friday.

Rockets fans may find solace in Golden State’s woes, but they have to contend with a totally reloaded Western Conference, including a pair of L.A.-based teams that have looked dominant in the early goings.

Not to mention, Houston has struggled to prove that they are an elite contender. The Rockets were destroyed by the Miami Heat on Sunday, and James Harden has been extremely inefficient.

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