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Rockets don’t want to overextend Chris Paul during season

Chris Paul

The Houston Rockets were on the precipice of the NBA Finals last season when Chris Paul went down with a hamstring injury. That injury would doom the Rockets and Paul’s absence loomed large over Houston’s Game 6 and Game 7 losses.

Keeping Paul healthy is one of the things the Rockets want to focus on this season. If they are going to achieve the ultimate goal of a championship, Paul must be healthy.

Kelly Iko of The Athletic wrote about the Rockets’ desire to keep Paul healthy and fresh.

“If Knight can stay healthy, he should be a pretty damn good option at backup guard. He’ll compete with Carter-Williams for minutes, but time will be available — the Rockets don’t want to overextend CP3 during the season, and they have the depth to steady the ship on the nights he rests. A career 36% shooter, if Knight can see the floor he might be able to get even cleaner looks simply by being on a better team.”

The Rockets are good enough to survive without Paul for stretches during the regular season. Paul only appeared in 58 games last year and the Rockets still managed to win 65 games and secure the first seed in the Western Conference.

But the worry here is that the multiple-time All-Star point guard will break down anyway. He dealt with a rash of injuries last season and he broke down at the worst possible of times. If he breaks down again, the Rockets could be right back to square one.

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