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Rockets could consider bringing back Trevor Ariza in case of a buyout

trevor ariza

The Houston Rockets received a large blow to start their offseason when Trevor Ariza chose to sign with the Phoenix Suns for a one-year, $15 million deal.

According to Tim Bontemps of The Washington Post, Houston could try to walk back that mistake by hitting the free agent wire, as they have last season, potentially considering bringing back their former three-and-D specialist if he is bought out by the Suns.

“Ariza is on a large expiring contract on a team that is going to be, even with its improvements, among the worst in the West and should be nowhere near a playoff spot. That could lead to Ariza being a buyout candidate,” wrote Bontemps. “And who could use him more than just about any other team? That would be Houston. That is one possibility to keep in mind for how the Rockets will solve their current deficit on the wings.”

Should a buyout happen, Ariza would not be short of offers in the free agent market, and if ESPN’s Zach Lowe’s words are indeed true, it is unlikely the veteran swingman will be willing to go back to the Rockets if he was bothered by how stars like James Harden and Chris Paul were treated over the rest of the players.

The Rockets will sure miss Ariza’s versatility and ability to defend multiple positions, but it’s likely that both the Suns and Ariza knew what they were getting into when they signed him to a one-year balloon deal.

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