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Rockets coach’s advice to Texans’ David Culley amid Deshaun Watson trade drama

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The Houston Texans are reportedly in the final stages of signing Baltimore Ravens assistant David Culley as the team’s head coach for the upcoming season. The 65-year-old, however, is set to inherit a number of pressing issues as he takes over the helm, with perhaps none more urgent than the future of want-away star Deshaun Watson.

Being a rookie coach himself, Houston Rockets shot-caller Stephen Silas has a bit of advice for Culley. Silas also came into a situation with the Rockets wherein the squad’s superstar, James Harden, had an incessant desire to jump ship. According to Silas, Culley must always keep the big picture in mind, via Ben DuBose of The Rockets Wire:

To his credit, Silas has successfully navigated a tumultuous first couple of months as the Rockets head coach. It wasn’t only Harden who wanted out, actually, with Russell Westbrook also moving on to the Washington Wizards prior to the start of the season. Silas kicked off his coaching career with the Rockets by losing his two best players, but as it appears, he is still doing relatively well. Currently, at 7-9, the Rockets haven’t been outstanding to start the 2020-21 season, but they haven’t been completely terrible as well.

With that being said, Culley might be able to learn a thing or two from Silas here. The Deshaun Watson situation appears to be out of Culley’s control, so it might be in his best interest (and the Texans’ as well) for their new coach to focus his attention elsewhere. This doesn’t mean that Culley ought to detach himself from the situation—he should still put in an effort to try and convince the team’s star quarterback to remain in Houston—but as Silas suggests, Culley must be able to recognize the matters that he can control, as well as those that he cannot.

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