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Rockets coach Stephen Silas admits he couldn’t sleep amid ‘messed-up’ James Harden situation

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Of all the head coaches to take on a new gig, Stephen Silas has had it the worst this season. Despite his desire to come into a dysfunctional situation with Houston Rockets and build a winning culture, his progress has been stifled by the unhappy James Harden and his unorthodox methods of wishing to be traded.

Silas went so far to admit that the Harden-dilemma has definitely taken its toll on him lately, even going so far as losing sleep over the situation:

“But it’s really just one of those kind of all-around, messed-up situations that’s hard to kind of quantify and kind of wrap your mind around in figuring out the best way to have the group move forward,” said Silas to reporters on Wednesday. “That’s my job, and it was a sleepless night last night trying to figure out what the best way to do that would be.”

From the moment Silas was hired to replace former head coach Mike D’Antoni, he stepped into a situation in which both Russell Westbrook and Harden wanted out of the Rockets organization, giving him little time to possibly reassure them of what they could achieve under his coaching.

Harden’s displeasure has remained steady throughout the start of the season given all of his antics. The former MVP even went as far as to give a bold statement in regards to his time in Houston following a loss to the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday. As such, the Rockets front office has increased its efforts in finding a suitable trade partner for Harden, with the Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets being prime destinations.

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