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Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni shares perspective on David Fizdale firing

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The departure of David Fizdale from the New York Knicks was a shock for the entire NBA, but it’s not something that blindsided most NBA fans given the Knicks’ tendency to mess up. Houston Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni more than understands the predicament Fizdale is going through.

D’Antoni spent years with the Knicks, being there for the highs and lows of the early 2010s. He spoke with Chron’s Jonathan Feigen and described how great of a job the New York head coaching job was.

“First of all, it’s a great place to coach,” D’Antoni said. “The atmosphere is unbelievable and the setup is good. So, all that is great. There just seems they are missing some stuff. It just doesn’t work. I hate it for Fizdale. Good coach. Did a good job. It just didn’t work out and they can’t quite seem to get all the elements together.

In addition, D’Antoni was asked if Fizdale was doomed to fail as he was only given two years to turn the team around. The response he gave was understandably safe.

“It’s hard to comment on stuff like that. Obviously, it just makes it tough. I feel sorry for David. There’s a lot of coaches at the end of the year you feel sorry for. They all work hard. You move on, get another job and try to do a better job.”

Fizdale coached 104 games for the Knicks, only winning 21 of those games. However, he wasn’t blessed with a capable roster like the one he got during his equally short tenure with the Memphis Grizzlies. Another great head coach in San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich expressed his support for Fizdale.

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