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Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni says ‘H-Town will be fired up’ for Game 7

Mike D'Antoni

There are a lot of questions surrounding the Houston Rockets going into Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals against the Golden State Warriors. Will Chris Paul be ready to go? Are the Rockets going to be able to bounce back from such a disappointing loss in Game 6? There is one question that Mike D’Antoni isn’t worried about, and that is if the Rockets crowd will be ready to go, and fired up.

 “So we’ve got what we want, now it’s up to us to go get it. It will be rocking, and H-town will be fired up. It’s up to us to knock them out,” D’Antoni said via ESPN.

There were times during the regular season that the Rockets crowd was bashed. The Ringer’s Bill Simmons called it one of the worst crowds he had ever seen earlier this season.

“They have a top three worst home crowd,” Simmons declares  Bill Simmons Podcast. “Shout out to Houston. God bless you guys. I don’t like the energy at all. I don’t think the (Rockets) crowd affects the game at all. They seem bored.

“I need more from the Houston crowd. If you’re going to have the second best team in the league, come on… Step it up Houston. I know you have it in you. You had great crowds during the Hakeem era.”

During the postseason that hasn’t been the case. The crowd has become more and more engaged as each game went on, and they have really helped fuel the Houston Rockets to a lot of playoff success.

In Game 7, they are going to need to be extra loud, because the Rockets have their backs against the wall.

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