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Rockets’ Clint Capela reveals he paid 20 years worth of his mom’s debt after being drafted

Clint Capela

Houston Rockets rising star center Clint Capela has been vital to his team’s success this season and continues to be one of the NBA’s feel-good stories.

According to Stefano Fusaro of The Undefeated, Capela revealed that he actually gave his mother, who emigrated from Congo to Switzerland, almost his entire rookie salary in order to clear up her debt that had piled up over 20 years.

“She had taxes to pay for 20 years, so I took care of it. Taxes from insurance, home and social help,” Capela said. “It just made me so proud to tell my mom that she didn’t need to work anymore. Now she can be happy and do what she wants. Now she gets to go back to Congo to visit her parents and her sisters, then comes back and spends time with me here in Houston. Giving her that freedom is something that I have dreamed about for a long time.”

That is a very kindhearted thing to do for his family, to say the least, as Capela said that his mother means the world to him.

“My mom means everything,” Capela said. “She went through so much. When she put us into foster care, it was really tough for her. She was taking care of all of us by herself, working seven days a week. She was always so busy. Today I realize all she had to do to help give us the best life possible.”

As for Capela’s role in the Rockets’ 102-82 blowout victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday night in Game 2, the center showed his great value on the court.

In 29 minutes of action, Capela finished with eight points on 4-of-6 shooting, a game-high 16 rebounds, and one blocked shot. He was also a +22 on the night for the Rockets while on the court.

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