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Rockets’ Clint Capela could lose $2 million in bonuses due to thumb injury

Clint Capela, Rockets

Bad news for the Houston Rockets could turn into worse news for Clint Capela.

News broke today that Rockets big man, Clint Capela is expected to miss four to six weeks of action. Ligament damage to his right thumb will sideline him, doing Houston’s depth concerns nor Capela’s prospective contract bonuses no favors.

ESPN Insider Bobby Marks broke down just how the injury could affect Capela financially. As it turns out, the 24-year-old center has a minutes criteria with his contract with Houston, one which he must fulfill while also helping the Rockets make the Western Conference Finals.

Capela has a minutes criteria (2,000) that is tied in with the Rockets reaching the Western Conference Finals and for defensive rebounding percentage > 30. Capela has a third bonus for free throw attempted (>150) and free throw percentage (>65%). Through 42 games, Capela has played 1436 minutes.

If he uses the maximum expected time before returning, he could lose roughly up to 20 games. That leaves him with only about another 20 games to make up just under 600 minutes. Currently touting a 26 percent defensive rebounding percentage, Capela would have just that small remainder of the season as well to raise that percentage up to 30 percent to be bonus eligible.

A third bonus is available which would require him to have more than 150 free-throw attempts while making more than 65 percent of it. He already has 24 more attempts than needed but is shooting 62.6 percent from the charity stripe so far this season. It would take quite the effort for Capela, who is already shooting a career-high, to return and raise that percent up beyond the required mark.

Capela proved his worth to the Rockets last season and got paid in the summer, but unless he is able to return quickly and put up some great numbers, he may have to leave some money on the table.

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