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Rockets’ Chris Paul sends Bucks’ D.J. Wilson out of the court with epic crossover

Chris Paul, Rockets

Houston Rockets point guard Chris Paul got Milwaukee Bucks forward D.J. Wilson with simply one of the nastiest crossovers that an NBA game has seen in quite some time during Tuesday’s contest. Paul seems destined to take Wilson to the basket, just to stop and reverse course, giving a whole new meaning to putting the big man on skates — Wilson’s momentum carried him so far, so quickly, that he wound up out of the camera shot as Paul stood all by his lonesome and knocked down a wide-open three-pointer:

The reaction of the Rockets’ bench is nearly as epic as the move itself. As for Wilson, that’s a tough pill to swallow even when finishing with seven points and six rebounds off the bench across 16 minutes in your team’s victory. There will be no shortage of that move across highlight reels for the foreseeable future.

Paul finished with 19 points, using four made triples to get there. He was the only Houston starter who had any semblance of success from behind the arc in the loss, as his other four starting teammates combined to shoot 2-for-22.

Even if Paul appears in each of the Rockets’ seven remaining regular-season contests, he will enter the playoffs with considerably less wear and tear on his body than usual. Injuries have kept him to just 51 appearances this year through play Tuesday, shooting a career-low 41.7 percent from the floor overall. If his hellacious crossover against Milwaukee is any indication though, Paul is getting his bag of tricks ready at just the right time with the playoffs only weeks away.

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