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Rockets CEO not surprised that Chris Paul, James Harden weren’t punished by NBA

Blake Griffin, Chris Paul

Now that the whole Clippers-Rockets’ locker room situation has boiled over, the NBA has finally stepped in and given Gerald Green and Trevor Ariza each two-game suspensions. Chris Paul, James Harden, and Blake Griffin avoided any punishments.

For Paul and Harden, the NBA determined that they were simply the peacemakers. As for Griffin, the NBA didn’t feel the need to punish him for his part in an emotional and chippy game. Rockets CEO Tad Brown seems to agree with the NBA’s decisions and says that he wasn’t surprised that his star players weren’t disciplined, according to Sam Amick of USA Today.

“The league is agnostic when it comes to these types of things, and the fact that Chris – that neither Chris nor James were reprimanded was because they didn’t do anything, they were peacemakers (in the situation),” Brown said on Thursday morning. “And this was coming from all of the reports that were investigated by both Clippers staff, security staff and Rockets staff. The idea that somehow Chris Paul is receiving preferential treatment because he’s connected with the Players Union, and his relationship with the Players Association is just silly.”

Brown is citing Paul’s connection to the Players Union, a body that represents on the behalf of NBA players, as the reason why some may conclude why Paul wasn’t suspended. He dismissed the idea as silly, however. In any case, it appears that Brown was briefed on what exactly happened that night to get a full judgment for himself. Hopefully, the NBA made the right call and both parties can move on with the season ahead of them.

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