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Rockets big man DeMarcus Cousins’ contract details, revealed

Rockets, DeMarcus Cousins

As training camps for most teams begins, the clear terms on some undefined contracts have emerged before the official season gets underway. DeMarcus Cousins, who’s still viewed as a big name in the league, signed with the Houston Rockets during free agency.

Cousins’ contract details are now more transparent, as it appears that he’s signed a non-guaranteed deal with the Rockets:

As noted, Cousins’ deal will become fully guaranteed after Feb. 27. While it’s virtually impossible for most fans of the four-time All-Star to picture him only being worth a non-guaranteed deal, his injury history must be taken into account.

Cousins hasn’t righteously been the same elite center that fans became accustomed to seeing on a nightly basis. After tearing his Achilles with the New Orleans Pelicans, his career has been on the decline due to other injuries that caused him to be sidelined more often than not.

Cousins’ last time being seen on the hardwood was during his tenure with the Golden State Warriors, where he actually showed signs of returning to his pre-All Star form prior to the Achilles injury. That streak was put on hold after he suffered a torn quadricep in the 2019-20 playoffs, which didn’t reward any major productiveness from the center as he returned for the NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors.

Cousins was offered a deal with the Los Angeles Lakers last season, which would’ve reunited him with his former teammate Anthony Davis. However, he suffered a torn ACL during workouts before the season commenced.

As a member of the Rockets, Harden will be the focal point in the frontcourt as he looks to rejuvenate his game in a Rockets’ set that suffered mightily without a true big last season.

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