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Rockets are undefeated whenever Clint Capela scores at least 20 points

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The Houston Rockets just beat the Minnesota Timberwolves at the Toyota Center, with Clint Capela scoring 20 points. At first sight, that may look like an ordinary performance from the young center. But an underlying number proves that it’s more extraordinary than what many think.

Whenever Capela scores 20 points or more, the Rockets have gone undefeated.

Another interesting fact is that Capela has already played eight games this season where he has at least 20 points. To put that into context, he has only played seven such games in his career before this season. He’s been in the NBA since 2014.

The correlation between the Rockets’ wins and Capela’s 20-point games may just be a coincidence, but let’s also consider the fact that many of these wins are blowouts.

On Nov. 12 and Nov. 29 last year, the Rockets beat the Indiana Pacers, 118-95 and 118-97, respectively. The Rockets also beat the Utah Jazz by 21 points on Dec. 18, the Orlando Magic by 18 points on Jan. 3 this year and now the Timberwolves by 18 points Thursday night.

It’s interesting to see the Rockets have another reliable offensive option in the team. They already have an offensive mastermind in James Harden, an elite facilitator in Chris Paul, the Sixth Man of the Year in Eric Gordon, and other serviceable players in Trevor Ariza and Ryan Anderson.

If Capela continues to be a good offensive piece for the Rockets, they may give the Golden State Warriors a run for their money in the postseason.

Capela is averaging 14.4 points and 10.9 rebounds per game for the Rockets this season.

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