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Rockets All-Star Russell Westbrook claims only 4-5 NBA players deserve signature shoe

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Among his many accolades, Houston Rockets star point guard Russell Westbrook has GQ cover to add to his list of achievements. The former NBA MVP shares the cover of the illustrious men’s fashion magazine with co-star and teammate James Harden.

In an interview with the magazine, Westbrook boldly came out against the “signature sneaker” trend, with several NBA players receiving deals with top-profile shoe companies. According to Russ, only “four or five” players in the league deserve a signature shoe, adding that it has to be earned and a player has to be that guy.

The 31-year-old explosive guard even went on to say that he didn’t deserve to have a signature shoe for a while.

“You can’t just be one-dimensional,” Westbrook responded when asked what a player has to do to have signature kicks.

“I didn’t deserve a signature shoe for a while, because I didn’t earn it. But I’ve earned my way, and now I have my own. I’m realistic when it pertains to that. Some players just get a shoe. Like James said: You gotta have the package. The fan base. Your play gotta speak, obviously. Outside of basketball, whatever else you got going on. You gotta be “that guy” to be able to have a shoe. Because nowadays everybody got a shoe.”

Westbrook, who was shockingly traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Rockets last summer, has been known widely as one of the more fashionable NBA stars in the league, wearing dramatic outfits and having his own unique style.

While Russell Westbrook is a trail blazer on and off the court, he also believes the signature sneaker should be reserved only for the truly elite NBA players — perhaps just like the old days when only a few get the honor to release a sneaker with their name on it.

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