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Robert Covington denounces vandalism, calls for peaceful protests

Rockets, Robert Covington

Houston Rockets swingman Robert Covington has fired back at the protesters that decided to vandalize both public and private properties as part of their protesting efforts.

Covington took to social media to denounce the act of vandalism while also explaining why he believes that it is not the proper avenue to voice out one’s grievances.

The Rockets forward posted a beautiful caption in his post, reminding everyone about the ultimate goal in all of this. More importantly, he also shared photos of himself helping out in the cleanup efforts.

Kudos to Covington here for not only talking the talk, but also making sure that he does something about it.

Below are a few clips of Covington and his buddies in action:

Covington went to Tennessee State, and it is clear that the city of Nashville holds a special place in his heart. He is doing all he can to ensure that the city is able to uphold its integrity despite the ill effects of the peaceful protests that turned ugly.

RoCO will likely need to link up with his Rockets teammates again soon, with the resumption of the NBA season seemingly on the horizon. Houston is one of the 22 teams that will reportedly get an invite to participate in the remainder of the season.

The Rockets currently possess a 40-24 record and are ranked sixth overall in the ruthless Western Conference. According to earlier reports, teams will still be asked to play out a number of regular season games prior to proceeding to the playoffs, so in this respect, Robert Covington and Co. still have an opportunity to climb up the rankings.

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