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Report: ‘Strong belief’ Rockets have ‘legitimate shot’ at signing LeBron James

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The Houston Rockets are the best team in the NBA at the moment. They are 20-4 and have been dominating teams during a nine-game winning streak. They seemingly have it all. Their defense is markedly improved this season. They also have more than enough star power with the main front-runner for the MVP in James Harden and as well as point god Chris Paul leading their prolific offense.

But according to Sam Amick of USA Today, the Rockets believe they can still add the biggest star of them all in LeBron James, who could become a free agent in the offseason.

While James has made it clear that he won’t deliberate his uncertain future until the Cavs’ season is complete, there is strong belief in Rockets circles that they’ll have a legitimate shot at landing the four-time MVP this summer. Rival executives also believe the Rockets will have a real chance. And once you really look at it, when you get past all the noise about the Lakers and even the compelling case for the up-and-coming Philadelphia 76ers, it makes all sorts of sense.

While there are some significant financial impediments to fitting James into the cap, if there’s a general manager in the league who has shown he can do the deals in order to make it work, it’s the Rockets’ Daryl Morey. There’s also the possibility James and his close friend Paul, who is also an impending free agent, take less money in order to have the chance to play with one another.

More importantly, though, James prioritizes winning above all else. He’s not getting any younger and he likely wants to put himself in the best possible position to earn more championships before his career comes to an end.

The Rockets could prove to be that team. If they can carry over their regular-season form into the playoffs and show they are actually capable of taking down the Golden State Warriors, that will only strengthen their chances of landing LeBron over a big-market team like the Los Angeles Lakers, with whom James has been heavily linked given his multiple business interests located there.

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