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REPORT: Sixers unable to hire away Daryl Morey from Rockets

Daryl Morey

An NBA team can be just as good as its front office. Over the years, it has become increasingly evident that a team’s success in the league is largely dependent on how well its executives are pulling the strings behind the curtain. That is also why it does not come as a big surprise that the Houston Rockets have become a perennial title contender under the watch of general manager Daryl Morey.

With Morey’s excellence as an executive, it’s only fair to say that the Rockets’ front office has become the envy of other teams. If there’s a clear indication of that as being the case, then it’s got to be this report from Marc Stein of the New York Times, which states that the Philadelphia 76ers tried to shoot their shot on poaching Morey from Houston – and missed badly like a Ben Simmons free throw attempt.

The Sixers are in need of a new general manager following Bryan Colangelo’s ejection from the position, thanks to a strange case of Twitter burner accounts, but Daryl Morey is seemingly not going to be that guy to inherit Colangelo’s job in Philly.

Morey is considered as among the chief proponents of bringing the NBA to the age of analytics, years after the use of sabermetrics started to dominate the baseball world. Since taking over as the Rockets’ general manager in 2007, Houston has reached the playoffs eight times, including two trips to the Western Conference Finals.

The Sixers are not strangers to being led by an unconventional front office figure as it was not that long ago when they were guided by the tank master Sam Hinkie.

With Morey out of the picture, the Sixers have no choice but to continue their search for the team’s next GM.

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