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Report: Sixers GM Elton Brand is ‘torn’ on adding Carmelo Anthony

Elton Brand, Carmelo Anthony, Sixers

The next big question in the NBA season surrounds Carmelo Anthony and where he will play next, and that very question is weighing on Philadelphia 76ers general manager Elton Brand. The brand new GM is reportedly torn on whether or not the Sixers should try to claim Anthony off of waivers:

This is a tough decision for Brand. On one hand, the Sixers need 3-point shooters to stretch the floor for Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and Jimmy Butler. But on the other hand, Melo was brought in by the Houston Rockets for that very same reason and his tenure there only lasted 10 games.

Melo’s short tenure with Houston is primarily because of his defense. He lacks the lateral quickness needed to stay in front of most small forwards, and a huge chunk of power forwards as well at this point in his career. Father Time catches up to everyone eventually, and it appears as if he’s circling Melo like a vulture would circle a bowlegged animal wandering the desert.

For all the offseason talk from the Rockets about how Melo would fit seamlessly into the offense and help them get to another level, it never happened. Anthony is becoming the scapegoat for all of Houston’s early issues, which isn’t fair at all. But he definitely deserves some of the blame, and not just on defense.

Now Elton Brand must decide whether he wants to take a gamble on the aging star or pass on him because of his recent history. There are definitely a few more GMs out there struggling through a similar dilemma.

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