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Report: Rockets to waive Bobby Brown to make room for Joe Johnson signing

The Houston Rockets look to add a significant piece to their team after Joe Johnson reached a buyout with the Sacramento Kings and made it knownthat he would join the second-best team in the Western Conference.

But in order to make it happen, there has to be some collateral damage. The Rockets will have to waive Bobby Brown in order to make room for Johnson, per Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

The most unfortunate piece of this for Brown is he was just signed by Rockets for the remainder of the season on Friday. And less than 24 hours later, he does not have a job because another player told Houston he is going there.

The NBA is a tough, cutthroat business sometimes. And even if a team has committed to a player, that same player can be out before anyone can say “contract.”

Just look at what happened to Blake Griffin. He signed for a five-year max contract, and he didn’t even get to play the first full season of it before being traded.

Hopefully Brown lands on another team sooner rather than later, but the move is a good one for the Rockets, who have championship aspirations. Johnson won’t start and quite possibly won’t even play heavy minutes, but he has a ton of playoff experience and can get his own shot whenever he wants it.

While a job for Johnson is a loss for Brown, it’s a gain for the Rockets and the NBA. Johnson will make a potential Rockets-Warriors matchup in the playoffs that much more fun.

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