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Raymond Felton on Rockets-Clippers altercation

Raymond Felton

OKLAHOMA CITY – Raymond Felton knows the L.A. Clippers very well. The Oklahoma City guard spent last season as a member of the organization.

The 14-year veteran also knows several members of the Houston Rockets extremely well.

So when he was asked about the on and off the court altercations that took place between the two teams Monday night, Felton was coy with his response.

“I heard about that,” Felton said. “I really haven’t got the whole story.”

Felton has been with seven different NBA franchises in his time in the league. So he has seen some interesting and volatile situations.

However, according to Felton, what took place in Los Angeles is not necessarily a new occurrence. Players have often had to be separated outside locker rooms or in the hallways away from the court.

But for a group of players to go into an opponents locker room looking to have a serious conversation is outside a normal night in the NBA. Especially when it involves stars such as Chris Paul, Harden and Blake Griffin.

Yet, Felton was still unwilling to go in-depth on the entire situation.

“You’ve heard of a few stories of different things happening,” Felton said. “I don’t quite know what happened. I know all those guys on each side, so I can’t really respond or say because I don’t get the whole story. I am not one to talk about something if I don’t get the whole story. I heard it was pretty interesting though.”

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