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Rajon Rondo says ‘basketball, the game’ caused the Lakers to fight

Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul’s fight on Saturday night was a long time coming. There’s no need to refer to the brawl as an altercation. It was a full-fledged fight, and Rondo is saying that the game of basketball started the feud between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Houston Rockets. He spoke with reporters on Monday and discussed the fight.

When reporters tried to coax something out of Rondo about the fight, he tried to steer the conversation away from the incident.

“It’s best for me not to talk about the situation. It is what it is. You guys see I have three games and I look forward to getting back to it and helping my team this weekend.

“We’ve gotta find a way to get wins. We’ve been every situation and every game closely. Now it’s about executing on both ends of the court and following the game plan.”

When asked if he said anything to the team about the fight, Rajon Rondo said he didn’t. When asked about taking accountability for the incident, he didn’t offer much. The Lakers should expect this demeanor from him.

“Everyone knows who I am, you know my team. I think they still respect me for what I do and what I bring to this team.”

When he was directly asked what started the fight, his response was short.

“Basketball. The game.”

Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul are two of the most competitive players in the NBA. They have a long history of dislike for one another and that was part of the reason tensions boiled over. But now it’s clear that Rondo wants to move past this situation, and the Lakers will do their best to play on without his leadership.

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