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Rajon Rondo once requested to never be asked about Chris Paul


Los Angeles Lakers guard Rajon Rondo does not want to hear anything Houston Rockets point guard Chris Paul ever. This is Rondo’s only request.

“Rajon has requested you not ask anything about Chris Paul now, tomorrow, or any other time.”

Apparently, Rondo made this request nine years ago, according to Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press.

So it seems like the beef between Paul and Rondo go way back. And it certainly looks like the the two pass-first point guards won’t be squashing their beef anytime soon.

In case you missed it, all hell broke loose in the Rockets and Lakers match-up on Saturday night. Rondo and Paul got into a heated exchange late in the fourth quarter and eventually traded punches with each other. Both of them, along with forward Brandon Ingram, who swung in a punch to Paul as well, were ejected from the contest.

The Rockets All-Star guard claimed that Rondo initiated the fight when the fiery Lakers point guard spit on his face, which Rondo denied after the game. This led to Paul shoving Rondo’s head, and eventually, the exchange of punches.

The altercation between the two got so heated that the their family members also got into it. Paul was reportedly fuming at one of Rondo’s family members, who allegedly said “inappropriate” comments towards Paul’s wife in the stands after the scuffle. This has gotten personal.

Nonetheless, the NBA will look into all of these as they prepare to hand out the official sanctions for Paul, Rondo, and Ingram.

It’s safe to say that these two hard-nosed point guards won’t be hugging things out in the near future. Paul and Rondo will get a chance to square off once again when the Lakers visit Houston on December 13.

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