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PJ Tucker gets mic’d up at Team USA training camp

Rockets, PJ Tucker

Houston Rockets forward PJ Tucker was mic’d up at a recent Team USA scrimmage, showcasing the type of intensity and defensive awareness the three-and-D stud brings to the table in an everyday basis.

Tucker’s a preacher of constant communication, so it’s no surprise the defensive stopped is clamoring for “overtalk” during these sessions.

Team USA members have been playing together for less than two full weeks and have the tough task of developing team chemistry with much less time in their hands than most of the countries participating in this upcoming FIBA 2019 World Cup.

Tucker is trying to build good habits, especially for younger players who often rely on veterans to carry that torch of getting people in order during rotations. Given the overall youth of this roster, there won’t always be a PJ Tucker or a Brook Lopez on the floor at all times, and players like Donovan Mitchell, Jayson Tatum, and Kyle Kuzma will have to quickly learn to communicate.

The Rockets stud might overdo it a bit, but it’s still a great tactic to get these young guys to actually speak up, as the only way he will shut his mouth is if someone else is being loud enough to call out what’s happening on the floor.

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