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Paul Pierce won’t be impressed by James Harden’s stats until he’s averaging 40 a game

James Harden, Rockets, Paul Pierce

Retired 10-time All-Star Paul Pierce has now come out with his latest controversial statement by saying that the historic numbers being put up Houston Rockets superstar James Harden is not really something that impresses him at all.

Speaking on ESPN’s The Jump, Pierce went on the record to state that he does not see anything special about Harden’s current career-high scoring average of 38.2 points per game.

“I don’t think it’s nothing right now,” Paul Pierce claims. “But if he’s averaging 40 a game is something, because we’ve seen him average 40 in 10 games before so 37 is nothing.”

Pierce has said some questionable stuff in the past, and this certainly falls in that same category. The now-retired former NBA champ does have a knack of exaggerating his statements, so perhaps this is yet another one of his ploys in an attempt to remain relevant.

On the brighter side, though, we could see this as Pierce’s pure appreciation of Harden’s amazing talent, knowing full well that the former MVP is more than capable of further increasing his level of play. Then again, maybe not. Pierce appears to have set the bar a bit too high for Harden, sighting a brief, 10-game hot streak as his basis for the Rockets star’s ability to average 40 points for a full season.

What is clear about James Harden right now is this: the arrival of new backcourt partner Russell Westbrook appears to have had no adverse effect on him whatsoever. If anything, Westbrook has even elevated Harden’s game.

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