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Patrick Beverley looks back on old beef with Russell Westbrook

Patrick Beverley, Russell Westbrook

Los Angeles Clippers guard Patrick Beverley is a notoriously pesky defender. He has always done his best to try to stop the player he’s tasked to guard.

Along the way, Beverley has had a lot of confrontations and altercations with fellow NBA players, including several occasions against Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook:

Beverley isn’t someone who will back down from anyone, but the same can be said about Westbrook, and when two guys with the same intensity collide, tempers are expected to flare.

Beverley was recently asked about his relationship with Westbrook, and this was his response:

Both players have had a long history of going against each other, dating back to the days when Beverley was still a member of the Houston Rockets. They’re obviously not in good terms as professional basketball players, but they’re not taking things personally.

Just like Patrick Beverley, Russell Westbrook isn’t someone who will apologize for his actions, as long as he believes he’s doing the right thing. He also doesn’t mind burning bridges with players from the opposing teams, because he’s focused on winning.

There’s a possibility for the Clippers and the Thunder to collide in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs, and if that happens, expect no love lost between both competitors.

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