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P.J. Tucker talks about his insane durability

P.J. Tucker

The Houston Rockets have had some difficulty staying healthy this season, but one player who has been a staple on the team’s rotation is veteran P.J. Tucker.

But it hasn’t just been for the Rockets that Tucker has been a constant for. He has stayed healthy over the past several years for a variety of teams, per Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle.

Since returning to the NBA for the 2012-13 season, Tucker has played in 448 games, the second-most in the NBA in that stretch, three fewer than former Rockets forward Corey Brewer. He has missed one game in the past three seasons with an injury, a sore left knee when with the Raptors last season.

There’s an old saying: “The best ability is availability.” That rings true for players like Tucker and Brewer, who just happen to be great at not getting injured. It allows a team to count on them, which is very valuable in the NBA.

Tucker, though, really has no idea how he stays so durable, per Feigen.

“I knock on wood every time I walk away from here,” Tucker said of being asked about his durability. “I don’t even think about it because I haven’t been injured. It doesn’t cross my mind.”

The Rockets have done just fine even without some of their key players for extended stretches of the season. Both Chris Paul and James Harden have missed games this season.

But Tucker has been there every single game, ready to give the team anything that’s needed at any given point in a game. When the Rockets acquired him, many in the NBA lauded the team for doing so.

Now we know at least one of the reasons why he was such a good get for Houston.

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