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P.J. Tucker says everybody in the NBA whines after Rockets win over Lakers

P.J. Tucker, Rockets, Lakers

P.J. Tucker is keeping it real when it comes to the Los Angeles Lakers’ laundry list of complaints following the Houston Rockets’ victory over the Purple and Gold on Thursday.

The Lakers were not happy with the referees and they were very demonstrative on Thursday after every foul James Harden drew. However, P.J. Tucker says that every team cries about calls, including the Rockets.

“I don’t think about it,” Tucker told Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle. “We cry just as much as anybody. And everybody else cries. And everybody thinks other people get the call more than them when they cry all the time. Who cares?”

At least someone is coming out and saying it. The Lakers may have been complaining a lot on Thursday, but this is par for the course in the NBA these days. Every team complains to and about the officials. Furthermore, every player feels that the officials have a vendetta against their team.

The Lakers may have had a point on certain plays, but they have to know that Harden is seeking out contact so he can go to the free-throw line. That’s a huge part of his game and it worked for him on Thursday. He went to the line 19 times, compared to just 27 total attempts for L.A.

The Lakers aren’t happy with the officiating, but there’s a good chance the tables are turned in the next game. Tucker doesn’t seem to care much about the whining from the Lakers because hey, everybody does it.

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