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P.J. Tucker obviously still peeved with Rockets about his contract

Rockets, P.J. Tucker

James Harden has received the overwhelming majority of headlines involving the Houston Rockets as of late.

But “The Beard” is far from the only disgruntled player on the roster.

Veteran forward PJ Tucker has stewed over his contract situation for some time. He ducked questions at the start of camp regarding the potential for an extension and has hardly opened up at all about the situation.

It seems not much has changed in the last week-plus.

Tucker deflected even more questions about his contract on Monday, though he did hint he would not request a trade even if he failed to receive an extension.

Tucker also alluded to not feeling valued by the organization. When asked if he felt the Rockets wanted him, Tucker responded with “Did you ask them?”

The Rockets might have made an error by failing to extend him sometime prior to last year’s deadline. Now, it is pointless to hand him a new contract.

Houston still does not know how it will proceed with respect to Harden’s trade request. For now, the Rockets seem intent to keep Harden and at least try to work things out.

But there is still the possibility general manager Rafael Stone eventually tries to move the former league MVP. If that happens, Tucker is likely to be the next one out the door.

The 35-year-old would be a desirable asset for any number of teams. Tucker can space the floor and provide toughness and rebounding as an undersized four-man. Perhaps most importantly, he is still on that expiring contract.

Tucker might deserve a new deal. But the Rockets, caught between a rock and a hard place, are unlikely to give him an extension.

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