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Origins behind Stephen Curry’s ‘kick me off the court now’ comment

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Moments following their epic Game 6 series-clinching victory against the Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors superstar point guard Stephen Curry was seen celebrating outside the Dubs locker room with teammate Draymond Green. Curry was caught on camera shouting something about kicking him off the court, which may have confused more than a few viewers.

Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic recently shed some light on this incident, as he explained why Curry was actually addressing Rockets guard Chris Paul with his taunting remarks.

On the night before Friday’s Game 6 of the Western Conference semifinals, after arriving from the Bay Area, Curry wanted to get some shots up at Toyota Center. The Warriors’ do-it-all manager, Eric Housen, booked the court from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. so Curry could work on his shot. Somehow, Rockets guard Chris Paul got wind. He decided to go to Toyota Center to get shots up, nixing Curry’s reservations. The Warriors’ point guard offered to stick to half a court, but Paul wasn’t having it. Curry was kicked off the Toyota Center court.

Hence: “Kick me off the court again, boy!” And Green replied to Curry’s taunt by screaming, “Kick him off! Kick him off!”

Paul is known for his many antics on the court, and this latest allegation does sound a lot like something he would actually do. What better way for Curry to get his revenge than to produce one of the most astounding playoffs performances of all time — in Paul’s own home floor no less. Of course, the never shy Draymond Green also had to chime in.

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