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Not all Thunder fans are okay after Russell Westbrook’s departure to Rockets

Russell Westbrook, Thunder

Houston Rockets guard Russell Westbrook went back to Oklahoma City on Thursday to face the Thunder for the first time since being traded last offseason. While it was widely anticipated that every single fan will show him some love, the reality is that not everyone was happy that he left.

In a photo by Mark Medina of USA Today, a fan held up a sign expressing her sentiment towards Westbrook’s departure to the Rockets.

It’s an understandable emotion that perhaps only long-time Thunder fans can exhibit. Westbrook has had many great seasons donning the Thunder jersey. He broke a ton of triple-double records, named league MVP, and helped the Thunder remain relevant in the competitive Western Conference.

However, analysts and fans did not just blame Westbrook for the Thunder’s rise, but also for its fall. Some have observed that Westbrook’s tenacity has worked against him. His driving layups — though a highlight when they go in —are a disaster when he’s out of control. His bad-decision making, too, especially in playoff games, has been questioned time and time again. And of course, there are those naysayers that believe that he’s a stat-padder.

Nevertheless, one can never discount the great things that Westbrook has done for both the basketball club and the entire city. Westbrook saw the departure of James Harden and Kevin Durant but still chose to stay. He endured all the changes and played every game as if it was his last. Not everyone may agree with his ways but the majority of them should at least show some gratitude.

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