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New Rockets owner says he has no problem paying the luxury tax in the future

James Harden

With the way the NBA is now set up, to compete for an NBA title, an owner is probably going to have to pay a luxury tax to get the players to help win.

New Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta understands that is part of the game and is willing to pay the tax, as long as the team is winning.

In an interview with Sam Amick of USA Today Sports he gave his thoughts:

Tilman Fertitta

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“The NBA is a tough business, No. 1,” Fertitta begins. “And you can go from making money to losing money very quickly. Everybody has to remember, I did pay $2.2 billion for this team. I didn’t pay $80 million for it, okay? And I’m not worth $20 billion (his reported wealth is $4.3 billion), but I have no problem paying luxury tax if I truly think that it truly gives me the chance to win the championship next year, okay? But believe it or not, we’re not in the luxury tax today and we truly have a chance to win the championship this year.”

Now even though they aren’t in the luxury tax now, if they want to continue to improve, and go after a LeBron James this summer, and create that big three, they are going to have to be in the tax and Mr. Fertitta will have to start cashing out some big dollars.

LeBron James, Chris Paul, James Harden


How his team ends up this year will really probably decide, how much they are willing to spend in free agency this year. If they fall short, look for them to really make a run at LeBron James this summer.

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